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At IMAA, we welcome ALL students of ALL ages


Children, in addition to learning self defense, will gain respect, focus and self discipline that can translate to the real world and can begin at home.  Nothing is greater than watching our students achieve what they believe was impossible; when they have it set in their heads they can't do something then we watch the look on their faces when they accomplish what they believed couldn't be done.  We take pride in watching our students grow to a point they realize they are the only things that can get in their way and what it takes to get out of their way. 

Adults will gain flexibility, work out time, pushing yourself to be better than yesterday, accomplishing what was believed couldn't be done.  "I'm too old for that."  "I am not flexible enough."  "I am too fat and out of shape."  All excuses we hear but when you take the step on the mat and you see what your body can do with time and patience, you will have a new found respect for yourself and your self imposed limitations.  Take a chance and join us whether for yourself, for your children or with your children.  You are welcome here!

Our mission statement simplified is discipline, respect, and honor.  I.M.A.A. Tae Kwon Do helps students develop inner strength, self-confidence, and community connections.  In short, we build strong minds and bodies through martial arts.



Academy students train vigorously creating strength in their bodies, but in their minds.  Positivity, focus, and perseverance are vital for success in today’s world.  Strength is about having a winning attitude.  


At the Academy, every student follows the same curriculum; however, each student is challenged to strive for his/her personal best.  Confidence is a natural by-product of this philosophy.  



A positive training community fosters positive community ties at school, at work, and at home.  The sky is the limit to what one can achieve with inner strength, self-confidence, and a supportive community.


Master D. Benjamin

5th Dan

Master Dwight Benjamin currently holds a 5th Dan certification rank in TaeKwonDo and is the master instructor here at IMAA.  Master Benjamin utilizes his 30+ years of TaeKwonDo teaching experience in our dojang to instruct his students to their fullest potential.  He is the principal instructor who conducts promotions alongside the rest of the IMAA teaching staff.

Served in the United States Marine Corps from March 1981-February 1989 (all active duty).

Free & Accepted Mason (since 2005) - Lodge Secretary and mentor.

Volunteer - Toys for Tots.

Certified referee through the USTU (United States Tae Kwon Do Union).

Attended KTA (Korean Tae Kwon Do Academy 1989/1991

ATI (American Tae Kwon Do Institute) 1991/2010

Risa Flight

2nd Dan

Mrs. Risa Flight currently holds the rank of 2nd Dan and is the Operations Manager.  She began TKD training with American Taekwondo Institute 2005-2010, continued training and instructing with Cross Roads Martial Arts 2010 – 2013.  She became the primary instructor in the Eagle Creek Elementary after-school program and has since become the primary instructor for the Pike Taekwondo Club and co-instructor at IMAA.


BS in Music/Business from Ball State University

Professional flutist and teacher.  Former repair technician at Paige’s Music.  Currently secretary to the Principal at Pike High School

Heavily involved as a volunteer with the Pike Performing Arts department.


Matt Spurlock currently holds a 1st Dan certification and is IMAA's Business Manager.  He began training in 2012 and is very dedicated to this sport.  He can be seen coaching his students at all tournaments and instructing class on Saturday mornings.  He is on track to test for his 2nd Dan within the upcoming months and is looking forward to the challenge.


After having received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management in the summer of 2019, he is currently working towards a Masters Degree from WGU.

Professionally, is a CEO of Delta-P Reliability and is a professional lubrication specialist that helps keep major manufacturing factories running with the least downtime possible.

Matt Spurlock

1st Dan

ShaShanna Rankin

1st Dan

ShaShanna Rankin currently holds a 1st Dan Certification and is an IMAA Business Partner. She began training in 2004, even limited she is dedicated to the training and sport. She can be seen at tournaments, promotions as well as during class on Thursdays. Just like her fellow instructor she is looking to promote in the near future to 2nd Dan.

ShaShanna received her Associates in Computer Info Systems in 2014 as well as her Associates in Culinary Arts in 2017, she is currently working to become to a certified Personal Chef.

Professionally, she is a CSR for Anthem, Inc., servicing one client for all insurance claims and benefit needs.

In addition to these main instructors, we have a few other black belt instructors who are gaining knowledge in how to teach class and will periodically run a class of their own or assist the instructors already leading the class.

The notable instructors of this level are:

Delaney Winter  

Ernesto Bermudez

Madeline Flight

Andrew Hughes

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